First Workout is Free

*applies to classes only (Play50 & Just Her)

Your Gym, Your Experience

Although we are a gym, we will provide so much more than just a gym, we will provide an experience.

Free Weights

Exercise as much as you can, anytime.

Cardio Equipment

Treadmills, Stair-master, Rowers & much more.

Private Full Bathrooms

Four Bathrooms with a Private Shower in each

Online Coaching with our 24/7 App

An in-gym experience in the comfort of your home

Fit For Life

The clock stops when you stop, keep playing 24/7

Just HER

Just Her is an all female semi-personal training workout for women looking to get a more personalized workout, while working on obtaining the physiques they desire.

Play 50

Play50 is a high intensity 50-minute functional workout for the athlete in all of us. PLAY50 will test your strength through a variety of compound movements such as power cleans, bench press, deadlifts, back squats and front squats just to name a few.

24/7 fitness

Sometimes, we as athletes are looking for an affordable alternative to having the gym on our terms. 24/7 is exactly that, a gym on your terms at anytime.

drop-in Workout

Whether on a trip, visiting family, or relocating to a new location. We want to be able to offer you the experience you demand at a price that shows value.

Why Choose us

We offer a diverse environment for the athlete inside all of us despite your health and fitness goals. We offer meal preps, personal training, 24/7 access and a high-intensity group training environment. It’s not why choose us but why not choose us?

Free Weights

Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Machines and much more

Guest Wi-fi

Wifi to always stay connected

Cardio Equipments

Treadmills, Stair-masters, Rowers and much more.

Private Bathrooms

Full size bathrooms to accommodate everyone.

Safe & Secure Gym

High definition cameras and mag lock safe doors to facility

Personal Trainer

Certified, world class training

Hassle-free contracts

NO hidden fees NO training tracking, just a fun, easy gym experience

five star ratings

A reputation that spans more than a decade of success

Just Play Technology

A new type of gym experience for everyone to enjoy

Proven Results

Plain and simple - we practice what we preach. We set a higher standard of excellence than other gyms

The level of greatness is determined by the level of sacrifice.

Daniel Alvarado

Founder, Just Play Fitness

Price for all

Make fitness a habit. Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. - Jim Ryin

Just Her


Per Month

24/7 Fitness


Per Month

Play 50


Per Month

Don't stop till you’ve achieved your goals

Military Discounts Available.


We help our PLAY members see their full potential. Our PLAY experience will invigorate our members physically, mentally and emotionally. Our goal is to remind our members that they can accomplish and be anything they set their mind to…..24/7





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